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Earn a degree at an affordable cost while getting practical ministry experience and mentorship.


  • Certificate in Ministry Leadership

  • Associate of Arts, A.A.

  • Associate of Ministry Leadership

  • Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management


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My journey with NWC has been very healing. I started the program with little understanding of what God wanted for my life, and now I have a whole new perspective. I have had the chance to serve in almost every different area of ministry which has been awesome. I’ve grown in my desire to be a leader and I now have goals for where I want to go and who I want to become in the next five years. I also really enjoy the classes and structure of the program. It’s very do-able to balance school, ministry, and a part-time job.

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I was in search of a program that paired both education and ministry, and NWC does just that! The education is affordable and the ministry aspect is full of new experiences as we dive into different areas of ministry.  We get to go behind the scenes and learn from the staff at Valley Assembly. NWC has also provided me with opportunities to serve in our community.

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NWC has been a great experience for me, allowing me to work on school however works for me and showing me through the inner workings of church staff. Having gone to EWU before coming here, I definitely prefer this online schooling as it helps fit itself into my schedule and personal life which is awesome and really helpful. It’s also really nice being able to pursue a more secular degree, like business, and also be able to learn about how to be a worship leader, being able to learn both sides. I’m really grateful for the experience that NWC has offered me!

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