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A shared meal is a shared life! As we extend our vision to Love 1st, we see a commercial kitchen as a vital link, both for those in our church as well as for out-reaches in our community. With generous matching gifts, totaling up to $150,000, we are about half way to our goal! We will be receiving commitments through Feb. 17th and asking for fulfillment of those commitments by Oct 1, 2019. Will you please pray about how you can help us make this dream a reality?

          This Thanksgiving we gave 225 Thanksgiving dinners to people in our community! Wonderful! But sadly, one of the people receiving a box gave his address as a space in a parking lot in a certain type of car... he is homeless and obviously had no way of preparing the dinner.


          What if WE were able to help those in need by preparing a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner?


          What if we had a commercial kitchen to prepare meals for the Prime-timers dinners, Men’s Breakfasts, Ladies events, Mother-Daughter Teas, Wednesday Family Night Dinners, and so much more?


          This past year we have used our present kitchen to prepare over 50 meals for Food Pantry Volunteers, light lunches for multiple funerals, Gals Luncheons, Men’s Breakfasts, Ladies Teas, over 30 meals for local Apartment Complexes (Pope Francis, Sprague Crossing, Parc Apartments, etc.), and 10 meals for our Wednesday family nights over the summer... we have fed hundreds of people!


Eating together is a valuable way of connecting in community. A shared meal is a shared life!

If you have ever worked in our kitchen, you KNOW: We need a new kitchen!


          Getting to the bottom line... “How much will this cost?” Based on bids, estimating $350,000. That seems like a lot of money, and it is! However, we are not talking about a simple remodel. Our present kitchen is original to our building. In order to bring it to code and make it a commercial grade, we are looking at a significant investment in infrastructure. For example, we will need a new hood & venting system, a fire suppression system, commercial grade dishwasher, ranges, refrigerators and freezers, among other things.


          The Great News is that two donors have offered a total up to $150,000 matching funds.  So, if you pledge $100, then $100 will be released from the matching program to double your donation.  


          We will be receiving commitments from now through

mid-February and asking for the funds to be given by October 1, 2019. All of our Staff, Elders, and Board have agreed to participate in giving to this faith adventure and we are inviting you to join us on the faith adventure!
          Will you please prayerfully consider how you can help?


Thank you for your prayerful consideration and I am excited to see how God will meet us on this adventure!






       - Pastor Kent Mankins

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